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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this really work? How?

Yes! It works! Naturally.

SENSAJOY® is a natural dietary supplement which replenishes key nutrients believed deficient by canker sore sufferers†. It soothes oral discomfortpromotes quicker healing and prevents a mouth full of sores by maintaining a healthy oral immune.

When should I start taking SENSAJOY®?

If you are a regular sufferer of oral discomfort & want to keep your mouth healthy – Don’t delay!

Those who suffer on occasion or from certain triggers such as stress, or specific foods, should take at first sign soreness.

Taking SENSAJOY® when your mouth is already “under attack” will speed recovery while allowing you to…
Eat again. Drink again. Smile again.™


How often should I drink SENSAJOY®?

SENSAJOY® should be taken as needed, up to two time daily.

Occasional suffers should use when sign of discomfort appear until they are gone.

We recommend regular “sufferers” to continue regular use to upkeep a healthy oral environment.

Is it a drink, mouthwash or a rinse?

SENSAJOY® comes in powder form and should be mixed with water to make a drink.

It is specifically created as a drink so that the soothing nutrients will wash over sore areas to calm them. It is important that SENSAJOY® be ingested / swallowed to help your body to establish a naturally healthy oral environment.

Is SENSAJOY® it safe for children?

SENSAJOY® includes a healthy dose of nutrients. Although it should be safe for most children, we recommend confirming the proper dosage with your child’s pediatrician.

Is SENSAJOY® gluten free?

Yes! SENSAJOY® is gluten free.

Is SENSAJOY® vegan?


Is SENSAJOY® kosher certified?

Yes! SENSAJOY® is kosher certified by the OU Kosher Certification.

Are there any side effects?

The ingredients in SENSAJOY® are natural and not known to cause side effects when taken as directed.

Why so much Vitamin B12? Is that necessary?

Yes! Vitamin B12 is one of the main active ingredients in SENSAJOY®.

Although the cause of canker sores is unknown, many studies suggest that B12 deficiencies can trigger the ulcers. They also suggest b12  is highly effective in reducing pain and healing time for ulcer sufferers.† Click here for more info

Effectiveness of Vitamin B12 in Treating Recurrent Mouth Ulcers

Can I take SENSAJOY® while pregnant or nursing?

As with all supplements, we recommend that you consult your health professional before use.

Can I take SENSAJOY® with my medications?

Please consult with your health professional before taking SENSAJOY® with medications.

Where is SENSAJOY® made?

SENSAJOY® is made in the USA.